Help to Get Top Marks

Academic Group offers a wide range of programs to support students, like you, who desire to become top-achievers and high-flyers. From revision to homework help to exam practice, we have everything you need to ensure you get the marks and ranking you desire.

We have chosen the best teachers, designed the most effective learning strategies and created the most helpful study resources to enable you to achieve your academic goals.

Below is a snapshot of the programs we offer to high school students.

Year 11 & 12 Programs

Master Classes

An excellent way for students to maximise their grades, our Master Classes are highly recommended for students who strive for the elite A and A+ scores. The classes will help students who want to push themselves, who want fresh insights on their course content and who wish to extend their knowledge of their courses.

These premium classes are taught by the best and most experienced teachers of the subjects: Heads of Departments, WACE markers and study guide and textbook writers.

Master Classes will give you the opportunity to regularly revise difficult concepts, build on problem-solving skills and systematically prepare for exams in a supportive atmosphere where you will have ample time to ask questions.

You will get in-depth explanations and examples with time to practise questions and receive individual feedback and expert coaching from our Master Class teacher.

Holiday Programs

Receive the help you need in achieving ATAR success by joining a Holiday Revision Course in January, April, July and October.

Revision Courses will provide you with the expert instruction and guidance you need to increase you marks and improve your performance at school and in your exams.

Taught by experienced ATAR Teachers, Revision Courses will maximise your  preparation for exams with focused revision of the term’s course content. In the class, you will have time to practice questions with individual feedback on your work and insight and advice to guide your exam preparation. Students receive a workbook covering the program content, revision notes and practice questions that you can use during the year to help when studying.

Holiday Revision Courses will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to increase your ATAR, as well as allow you to ask questions and seek feedback on your work to address any learning gaps.

Weekend Tuition Classes

ATAR Tuition Help will ensure that you receive individual help on a weekly basis to target areas of weakness and overcome challenges in your understanding.

ATAR Tuition Help Sessions have generated excellent results from students, with grade improvements of 20-30 percent not uncommon. We recommend our Tuition Help Sessions over other individual tuition as we can guarantee the quality of the teacher. Our teachers are qualified and experienced in teaching the course and continuously receive feedback of 90 percent or above from students.

Our teachers will answer any questions you have, help address any gaps in understanding and work with you to overcome your specific areas of weakness and provide extension work.

Students are asked to bring their homework, problems and assignments to the session so teachers can attend to your specific needs. Teachers will also have additional resources and questions for you.

Year 7-10 Programs

Weekend Tuition Classes

Tuition Help Sessions for students in Years 7 to 10 will provide you with access to an experienced and highly-qualified teacher on a regular basis.

Classes are focused on targeting your learning needs so that it becomes easier for you to achieve your academic goals. The program is ideal for young students who are seeking to consolidate school subjects, get homework help, access specialised teaching and gain assistance in test preparation.

Our teachers will work with you in targeting specific challenges and addressing learning issues. Our goal is to help you develop understanding and skills of your subjects to succeed at school.

Skills Development Program

Equip yourself with the necessary skills for ongoing academic success by participating in our Skills Development Program.

By joining this program, you will get the help you need to improve skills in key areas of your studies and to face challenges with renewed confidence.

Our Skills Development Program includes courses in Essay Writing, Learning Skills, NAPLAN Preparation, GATE and Scholarship Preparation, Foundation Maths and English and Advanced Maths and Intermediate English.

Classes are taught by our engaging and interactive qualified teachers who are trained to provide targeted teaching and lessons that promote learning development.

Year 7-10 Head Start Program

Prepare for the upcoming school year with our Head Start Program. This program is scheduled during the January school holidays and is perfect for students who will be going into Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 who would benefit from an academic kick start for the year.

The Head Start Program will review and consolidate students’ knowledge, build students’ confidence and prepare students for what they can expect in the year ahead.

The program will enhance your learning skills and guide your transition into the new school year. Our teachers are experienced and highly-qualified are well-versed in helping you achieve your best marks.