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At Academic Group our team has in-depth knowledge and insight into many areas of education.

Our team members are available to make statements to the press or comment on education issues.

To contact Academic Group for an interview, send an email or phone (08) 9314 9500

Megan Bagworth


Megan Bagworth is the Education Manager of Academic Group. As part of this role, Megan has helped grow and develop the business to provide education programs for high school students. She works with schools, teachers, parents and students throughout the year.

Ms Bagworth also regularly meets with Principals, Year Coordinators, Heads of Learning Areas and teachers in schools to discuss the ongoing needs of Western Australian schools and the changing needs of high school students.

She enjoys being part of the family business, where she gets to work alongside her mother, Dr. Bagworth.

Ms Bagworth can provide expert comment about digital learning, changes in education, effects of stress on students, exams, high achieving students, NAPLAN and OLNA and GATE testing.

Topics for discussion

  • Exam Preparation
  • E-learning and changes in education
  • Benefits of regular revision
  • GATE testing
  • Stress and Teenagers

Dr Pam Bagworth


Dr. Pam Bagworth is the Principal and owner of Academic Group. Over 30 years she has built the business from a small tutoring agency to a large company providing a diverse range of education programs and school study guides and exam questions.

As Principal of Academic Group, Dr Bagworth has developed many very successful Revision Programs and resource material for students. The Revision Programs target students preparing for exams, offering strategies to help students improve their results. She has also written Essay Writing courses (one for year 11 and 12 students, another for year 7 – 10 students) and a Study Skills course (for year 11 and 12 students) and a Learning Skills course (for year 7 – 10 students). This material is used widely in Academic Group programs and schools.

Dr Bagworth is a highly respected and successful English teacher, she has over 40 years’ teaching experience at a range of high schools and Universities. She has taught in a number of Secondary Schools in Western Australia, both city and country, government and private. She worked as Head of Department in the field of English and been a WACE exam marker. She has taught in all the WA Universities.

Amongst her many accomplishments, Dr Bagworth is most proud of contributing to the growth of the business to become the top provider of premium educational services and publications and to helping over 100,000 students boost their academic results.

Topics for discussion

  • English
  • Exams
  • Importance of extra study
  • Essay Writing
  • Study Skills
  • Family Business