Tuition Help

Receive help in English, Science and Maths from our qualified school teachers.

Students who are ‘flying under the radar’ in the classroom or are looking for academic extension, often need individualised and focused help. Tuition Help is a beneficial option in such cases.

Academic Task Force Tuition Help Sessions for High School students are led by qualified and experienced teachers. They all have a sound knowledge of the school curriculum and success in improving student’s school achievement.

Tuition help sessions are individualised according to the learning needs and academic goals of each student, and include consolidation of school subjects, homework help, test preparation, and specialised teaching to build foundational literacy and numeracy skills.

High school tuition help will give your child attention to the specific subject challenges your child is facing. Numbers for each subject are limited, allowing our experienced teachers to give individual attention to students on a weekly basis.

Regular contact with the teacher, as well as fun and interesting learning environment enables students to excel at school.

Tuition Help Trial Packs, which can be purchased per subject, provide the perfect opportunity for you to discover whether these classes are suitable for your child’s needs.


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Maths sessions: An experienced, qualified and engaging Maths teacher will help students understand and work through Maths problems. The teacher will review essential Maths skills and students will receive individual attention for your specific needs. The teacher will provide extra work for those who wish to extend themselves or require additional practise.

English sessions: Each week an experienced and motivating English teacher will focus on a specific section of the curriculum, such as grammar and punctuation, essay writing or reading comprehension. Strategies will be provided and students will practise their skills in the class and receive individual help from the teacher.

Science sessions: A qualified Science teacher will work with students to help them understand new and challenging scientific concepts and extend their knowledge, enjoyment and confidence in Science.

 Venues    Rossmoyne Senior High School
Churchlands Senior High School
Perth Modern School
 When Saturday and Sunday during the school term. Please click here to see timetable for exact dates and times.

Because of the individualised nature of the classes students can join at any time during the term

3 Week Trial Pack

For new students who want to try our Tuition Help Sessions

3 week trial packs available for $140.

Students have the opportunity to experience our tuition classes, get to know our teachers and find out if the classes are a good fit for their needs with a 3 week trial pack.

Once purchased, we will be in touch to confirm your preferred venue, subject and time.

7 Reasons to Enrol in Tuition Help

  • 1. On-going help to manage learning gaps as they arise
  • 2. Individual attention
  • 3. Small groups (3-8 students)
  • 4. Experienced and qualified teachers
  • 5. Better understanding of the topics you find difficult
  • 6. Receive extra work on topics
  • 7. Friendly and encouraging teachers

Course Fee : Term enrolment – sessions equivalent to $42 per hour.

Enrol at any time during the term.

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High School Tuition Help

Because of the individualised nature of the sessions students can join at any time during the term.

Tuition help is conducted in small-groups so the teacher can work with students on their specific problems. They don’t follow a set program so students are guaranteed to get the individual help they need.