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2019 Academic Associates Exam Papers

Academic Associates publishes exam papers for Year 11 and 12 exams for schools for Semester 1 and 2 in the Science areas.

The exams have been written and reviewed by experienced teachers to ensure they are at the highest quality and accurately assess the syllabus at the level of difficulty that your students can expect in their final ATAR course exams.

Our experience as exam preparation experts includes 30 years in providing revision programs and study guides to WA schools and students. We understand the needs of students and teachers and use subject expert teachers who have a wide range of experience across many schools.

With Academic Associates, schools can rely on our experience of quality assurance and understanding of standards and requirements.

Why Choose Academic Associates School Exam Papers?

  1. Exams have been written by expert, qualified teachers; including Chief Examiners, Reviewers and Markers.
  2. We can help reduce the load on your teachers with exam marking assistance.
  3. We will provide reports which will enable you to compare how your school performed compared to other schools using the papers, with easy to read reports that show aggregate results across the state.

What are the Costs?

The cost to purchase exams are $150 per paper.

If you are a small school, please let us know and we can see what we can do as we would like all schools to use our exams.

If you require an invoice to purchase exams, please select direct deposit at checkout and we will email an invoice to you. Payment of the invoice can be by credit card or bank transfer.

What happens when I order an exam?

Once you have ordered, you, as representative of your school, will need to agree and sign the Terms of Use for Exam Papers. You will also be required to verify your school. Current Exams can strictly only be purchased by schools.

Papers can be customised with your school logo and will be available to download so you can print the number required by your school.

Exams will be set in the same format as the WACE exams and include a comprehensive marking key.

Exams are available for schools in the following subjects:

Semester One Exams (Available for download March 29th):

Biology Unit 1

Biology Unit 3

Chemistry Unit 1

Chemistry Unit 3

Human Biology Unit 1

Human Biology Unit 3

Physics Unit 1

Physics Unit 3

Psychology Unit 1

Psychology Unit 3


Semester Two Exams (Available for download August 5th):

Biology Unit 1 & 2

Biology Unit 3 & 4

Chemistry Unit 1 & 2

Chemistry Unit 3 & 4

Human Biology Unit 1 & 2

Human Biology Unit 3&4

Physics Unit 1 & 2

Physics Unit 3 & 4

Psychology Unit 1 & 2

Psychology Unit 3 & 4


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