Hearts and Minds

Boost your ATAR and achieve success at school!

Empowering Teenage Hearts & Minds

We believe teenagers must discover “Their Why” to achieve real success and happiness.

To offer an individualised and very bespoke service our numbers are kept low, and we often have a backlog of applications. Click here to register your interest.


Our Hearts & Minds program goes far deeper than traditional tutoring services, as we believe teenagers need to discover “Their Why” to achieve real success and happiness. 

Our program inspires adolescents to question ‘Who do I want to be?’ and gives them context as to why study and learning matters for them – not to their parents or their teachers, but for them.

The outcome is they’re inspired and empowered to develop for themselves the skills and attitude that can lead to Happiness and Success. 

Inspire Their Minds

Through an 8-week course of engaging sessions, we help them to address one of the most difficult teenage dilemmas:

‘What is the difference between who I am, who I want to be, and who I’m expected to be?  

The answer is simple: A happy and self-motivated teenager!

And once they understand this, they are ready to get dressed for academic and life-long success.

Hearts – Skills – Minds

The course is run as 2-hour sessions each week for 8 weeks. The focus of each week is split into three components, suitable for any student aged 13-17.

We start each session with 40 minutes of Hearts to motivate, inspire and have fun.

Once engaged and inspired to seek self-awareness, it is only then they will discover the internal desire for the “Skills” to become better!  This session is a mix of life skills with real-world context, as well as study skills training. 

Finally, each week finishes with an assisted tutoring and academic focus session, or “Minds”.

5 Reasons to Enrol in
Hearts & Minds

  • 1. Our program inspires adolescents to question ``Who do I want to be?``
  • 2. We will inspire and empower your child to develop for themselves the skills and attitude that can lead to happiness and success
  • 3. Support your child's acceptance of self

Course Fee :

  • Enrolment is by the term.
  • Class is $880 for 8 week Term, 2 hours each week.
  • Enrol at any time during the term.