Head Start Program

Start the school year right!

The transition from middle school to high school is a challenging phase for most students. Any successes or failures experienced during this crucial time can affect their academic performance.

In our decades of working with students, we have observed that the better prepared they are in Years 7 and 8, the more likely it is for them to reach their academic goals in high school

What students learn at school builds on prior teaching and assumed understanding. If your child has a gap in understanding in any of their subjects, their confidence can be affected and their ability to continue to develop academically is compromised.

Academic Task Force paves the way for academic success through our Head Start Program. With courses such as NAPLAN Preparation, Learning Skills, Maths, English, and Essay Writing, our Head Start Program offers students the opportunity to gain confidence they need to excel in the new school year.

Our popular Learning Skills class will teach your child how to manage their time effectively for completing their work as well as teaching them strategies for improving reading, learning and memory to achieve success.

Our Essay Writing class will teach your child how to write great essays using a simple plan they can adapt to any subject.

Our specialist teachers know how to engage even the most disinterested student with targeted teaching and class interaction that promotes learning development.

Our Head Start program, will help your child equip themselves with the academic skills needed to develop their confidence, study habits and subject familiarity.

If you missed the last Head Start Program in January, Skills Development Programs are conducted each school holidays in April, July and October. Click here for more info.


Courses in our Head Start Program:

Foundation Maths and English: Recommended for students going into Years 7 and 8 as a head start in their high school studies. Your child will preview important concepts for the year, review any gaps in their understanding and will have lots of time to practice their skills with feedback on their work from the teacher to develop their understanding and boost their confidence for the year ahead.

Advanced Maths and Intermediate English: Recommended for high achieving students going into Year 8 who like to be extended by learning new concepts and skills practice. This course is pitched at a Year 9/10 level. It is suitable only for students who achieved 85% or higher in Year 7.

Essay Writing: Learn how to write persuasive essays. Practice skills to improve your writing that you can use for any subject, including NAPLAN.

Learning Skills: Build your child’s confidence by learning time management, study skills homework strategies, goal setting, learning techniques and many more skills to build their confidence and motivation for the new school year.

NAPLAN Preparation: Familiarise your child with NAPLAN questions with help from specialist teachers who will refine your child’s skills in literacy and numeracy and hone in one recurring problem areas.

GATE and Scholarship Exam Preparation: Your child will learn strategies and develop their skills in reading comprehension, creative writing, maths problem solving and abstract reasoning. The course will develop your child’s comprehension and abilities in responding to each part of the exam with feedback on their work.

For Year 9 & 10 program details please click here.

Each subject is six hours: 3 hours per day, over two days.

Venues       Rossmoyne Senior High School
Churchlands Senior High School
Perth Modern School

5 Reasons to Enrol in a Head Start Program

  • 1. Learn new skills and consolidate existing ones
  • 2. Get help with your preparation for the upcoming year
  • 3. Start the school year right
  • 4. Build confidence and motivation
  • 5. Be taught by encouraging and friendly teachers

Course Fee : $150 per 6 hour course

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Head Start Program

Each subject runs for six hours over a period of two days.

Start the new year on the right foot with a Head Start program that will boost your child’s confidence, enhance their learning skills and guide their transition into the new school year. Our proven results will help your child achieve their best marks and reach their full potential.