Exam Boost Seminars

Are you ready for your ATAR exams?

Exam Boost Seminars

Available: IN-CLASS

Academic Task Force Exam Boost Seminars are a popular choice for time-poor Year 11 and 12 students who want subject specific, targeted, exam help in the weeks before their exams.

In one day, the Seminars pack in 6 hours of exam focused teaching from a WACE exam marker, with the purpose of boosting student’s exam performance.

Expert Teachers.  Exam Focus.  Interactive Seminar.  Excellent Value

In the Seminars, students will have access to the WACE exam marking guide, systematically working through the key areas in which students lose marks in their exams and common exam pitfalls. You will learn strategies for Mock and ATAR course exams, receive individual feedback on your exam answers and learn techniques you can use to boost your exam mark.

 Venues  Rossmoyne Senior High School
Churchlands Senior High School
Perth Modern School
UWA Albany Centre

5 Reasons to Enrol in Exam Boost Seminars

  • 1. Targeted exam preparation
  • 2. Strategies and problem solving techniques to boost your exam performance
  • 3. Insights into ATAR course marking guides and how to achieve top marks
  • 4. Extensive practise answering exam style questions and feedback on how to gain maximum marks
  • 5. Boost your confidence in preparation for ATAR exams

Course Fee :

  • Enrolment is by subject.
  • $200 (Per one-day course)

Exam Boost Seminar

One-day Exam Boost Seminars are held every Saturday and Sunday from Week 7 of Term 3 to Week 3 of Term 4. Each class is six hours.

Our Exam Boost Seminars will help increase your understanding in your ATAR courses. Your confidence will be boosted by the personalised attention and specific help from ATAR exam markers and expert teacher. Work through exam style questions and receive individual help from our exam specialist teachers.