Master Classes

Boost your ATAR and achieve success at school!

ATAR Master Classes

Master Classes are designed for students aspiring to get top grades and are available in class at our Applecross Office, Perth Modern School and online via Zoom.

Each week, our specialist ATAR teachers will put you through your paces, explaining each syllabus topic in-depth as you practice challenging exam-style questions in preparation for exams.

Master Class teachers have a wealth of experience and knowledge to enrich students’ understanding of their ATAR courses. The objective is to maximise students’ success and motivate students to achieve their subject and ATAR goals.

Enrol in 3 or more Master Class subjects and get 10% off

Top Teachers.  Top Resources.  Great Interaction.  Same Great Value

Our Master Classes will:

          ✔ Inspire success with expert teaching by subject specialists

          ✔ Work through exam questions

          ✔ Suggest exam tips and hints to maximise exam marks

          ✔ Polish performance

          ✔ Be a valuable supplement to the learning from school

          ✔ Offer fresh insights into subject concepts


ENGLISH MASTER CLASSES: Where a student is at risk of not gaining University entrance because of low English results, we offer a Master Class that covers practical strategies for students that will greatly improve their marks.



DIRK GILDENHUYS (Year 11 Mathematics) Dirk is a passionate and highly experienced teacher and Maths textbook author. He has been voted Teacher of the Year by students on more than one occasion. His teaching style is popular with students with his ability to explain complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way for students.

DR KIRSTEN LAMBERT (Year 11 & 12 English and Literature) A lively and engaging teacher, author and exam writer who uses practical and theoretical approaches to explore texts and to unpack syllabus concepts and exams for students.

DR O.T. LEE (Year 12 Mathematics): Dr Lee is one of our most in-demand teachers with a cult following. An exceptional teacher and author of numerous ATAR Maths textbooks and revision guides which are widely used in WA schools. He is an examination writer and marker and his students consistently achieve outstanding results.

ROBERT HEPBURN (Year 11 & 12 Chemistry and Physics and Year 10 Maths and Science): Mr Hepburn is a charismatic teacher with combined degrees in Quantum Physics and Civil Engineering. His students consistently achieve excellent results.

SAM RALSTONSam is a lively and engaging teacher with many years teaching experience in both English & HaSS, including ATAR English & Economics. Miss Ralston has a Bachelor of Commerce as well as a postgraduate degree in teaching. She is extremely passionate about helping her students achieve their full potential with a particular focus on those studying ATAR.

TARA JACKSON –  Just shy of a decade’s worth of teaching experience, is a seasoned educator who thrives on igniting a passion for literature in students. Tara brings a dynamic approach to the study of literature, blending academic rigor with creativity and critical thinking. With a deep understanding of the ATAR Literature syllabus, she aims to craft engaging lessons that empower students to delve into the complexities of literary texts with confidence and insight.

From Shakespearean sonnets to contemporary classics, Tara fosters an inclusive and supportive learning environment where every student’s voice is valued. Through stimulating discussions, insightful analysis, and tailored feedback, Tara cultivates a classroom culture that encourages curiosity, exploration, and personal growth.




DR. GREGORY HINE (Year 11 & 12 Maths Specialist): Dr Gregory Hine is a highly experienced teacher and the author of several Mathematics texts. Dr Hine has an engaging teaching style with the ability to provide clear and comprehensible explanations and is renowned for providing challenging ATAR-style questions to prepare students for exams.

DR. KIRSTEN LAMBERT (Year 11 & 12 English and Literature): (see Applecross).

EMMA DOWNBOROUGH (Year 11 & 12 Chemistry):Emma Downborough is a lively, experienced teacher in Biology, Human Biology, Chemistry and Psychology. She is extremely passionate about teaching students effective study strategies to improve marks. Emma’s delivers interesting lessons with clear explanations and tips on how to decode questions and formulate answers.

ROBERT HEPBURN – (Year 11 & 12 Physics, Maths Methods and Year 12 Maths Applications): (See Applecross).

Chris Allanson – (Year 12 Politics and Law): Been teaching Politics and Law and Humanities for over 25 years. As a Head of Learning Area for over 18 years, he has a passion for teaching Politics and Law and has taught, tutored, and mentored many students who have achieved top marks and gone on to study law and excel in their legal careers.  

Lisa Wolfe – (Year 12 Modern History): Has over twenty years’ experience teaching at ATAR level. She has worked at a number of Perth high schools that frequently top the league tables for ATAR results and has helped many students achieve Certificates of Excellence for being in the top 10% of the State. Ms Wolfe will highlight skills and tips that assist students in answering the ATAR exam questions in a way to maximise marks.

Lloyd Hasket – (Year 12 Economics): Bio Coming shortly


ONLINE via Zoom

DR KIRSTEN LAMBERT (Year 11 & 12 English & Literature): (see Applecross)

DR. GREGORY HINE (Year 12 Maths Applications, Methods and Specialist): (see Perth Modern School)

ROBERT HEPBURN (Year 11 & 12 Physics & Chemistry) (See Applecross)

SUSAN FAHEY (Year 11 & 12 Human Biology and Year 12 Biology) – Susan has an extensive resume including a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Teaching.  He is a dedicated, passionate, and innovative educator who has quickly become a favourite with our students. He consistently provides challenging and engaging learning experiences for his students.

LISA KNIGHT (Year 12 Psychology)Ms Knight is a skilled teacher with over 20 years’ experience. She delivers interactive and engaging lessons meet the individual needs of students. Ms Knight has extensive WACE marking and teacher development experience.

5 Reasons to Enrol in
Master Classes

  • 1. In-depth explanations and examples with time to practice questions
  • 2. Receive individual feedback and expert coaching from an ATAR subject specialist teacher
  • 3. Extension of the teaching that takes place in schools
  • 4. Revision of difficult concepts, fresh insight into subject content
  • 5. Quality teaching in small classes designed to maximise students' learning and marks

Course Fee :

  • Enrolment is by the term.
  • Class is equivalent to $75 per session.
  • Enrol at any time during the term.

Master Classes

Enrol in 3 or more Master Class courses in the same term and receive a 10% price reduction.

Join our Master Classes and get the help you need in achieving your academic goals.