Skills Development Courses

Build your confidence and develop the necessary skills for high school success.

Skills Development Courses

A strong foundation of essential skills provides the basis for academic success.

We know that students invest significant time and effort in their studies, but all too often many struggle to obtain the results that reflect their commitment and potential. We believe that given the right teaching, guidance and support, EVERY student has the ability to excel in their studies.

Academic Task Force Skills Development Courses are specifically designed to help equip students with the skills and knowledge for ongoing academic success. It includes a number of targeted courses that students can choose from, depending on which subject they need to improve in.

Top Teachers.  Top Resources.  Great Interaction.  Same Great Value.

Our specialist teachers know how to engage even the most disinterested student with targeted teaching and class interaction that promotes learning development.

Our popular Learning Skills class will teach your child how to manage their time effectively for completing their work as well as teaching them strategies for improving reading, learning and memory to achieve success.

Our Essay Writing class will teach your child how to write great essays using a simple plan they can adapt to any subject.

Students will improve skills in key areas of their studies and be able to face challenges with confidence so that realising their potential will become so much easier.

Popular Skills Development Courses include:

Learning Skills: will teach your child how to study effectively and spend less time studying. Students learn time management, develop homework strategies and techniques to improve reading and memory for schoolwork.

Essay Writing: will teach your child how to write powerful and persuasive essays for school. In only 6-hours students will learn how to create great essays using a structure that can be adapted to any subject.

Maths and English: Recommended for students looking to revise and practice Maths and English concepts and strategies. Our courses will help fill in any gaps in knowledge, reinforce learning and understanding and boost your child’s confidence. Your child will receive support and feedback on their work from a highly qualified teacher.

NAPLAN Preparation: Familiarise your child with NAPLAN questions with help from specialist teachers who will refine your child’s skills in literacy and numeracy and hone in one recurring problem areas.

Creative Writing: Taught by an experienced published writer and teacher, our course offers a dynamic learning experience with hands-on exercises and personalised guidance to sharpen your writingand creative thinking skills. Explore different genres, techniques, and style and learn how to craft compelling characters, plots and settings to unleash your imagination and bring your writing to life.

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 Venues     Rossmoyne Senior High School (January and July Holidays)
Churchlands Senior High School (January and July Holidays)
Perth Modern School (April and October Holidays)

7 Reasons to Enrol in
Skills Development Courses

  • 1. Be taught by encouraging and friendly teachers
  • 2. Build confidence and motivation
  • 3. Small classes
  • 4. Better understanding of the areas you find difficult
  • 5. Learn new skills and consolidate existing ones
  • 6. Receive extra work on topics
  • 7. Affordable course fee

Course Fee :

  • Enrolment is by subject.
  • $160 per subject (6-hour skills development course)

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Skills Development Course

Each subject course is 6 hours, 3 hours per day over 2 days. Held during each school holidays

Boost your results, maximise your school performance and reach your full potential with the help of our highly-qualified, experienced teachers.