Our Teachers

Academic Group works with qualified and experienced teachers.


To ensure our students reach their academic goals, our teachers are trained to provide results-driven instruction that fits each student’s ability, needs and objectives.

Our teaching team is composed of highly-qualified education professionals including subject experts, Heads of Learning Areas, textbook authors, exams markers and past chief examiners. They are the best in their fields and are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise with our students to maximize their competences and increase their capability to achieve excellence.

Academic Group knows that the best instruction and support for students can only be provided by qualified teachers who have a deep understanding of the school syllabus and an intimate understanding of the assessment requirements and expectations.

With the level of expertise, knowledge and qualifications, our teachers can provide the best teaching possible to support your child throughout their high school studies and in their exams.

Not all organisations involved in the delivery of revision programs employ qualified, practising teachers to write their course materials and present their programs.

There is, however, little basis in choosing highly decorated teachers if they lack the ability to motivate and empower students, and relay the information and skills required to secure every possible mark in the exams.

Out teachers are therefore continuously subjected to stringent enquiries regarding their experience and performance in the classroom, student feedback, level of enthusiasm, motivation and commitment to senior students. Teachers are interviewed to ascertain these qualities, as well as their communication skills, and then they are exposed to the most stringent of selection criteria – student feedback. We only retain those teachers that have surpassed the expectations of students attending our programs.

Not only do Academic Group teachers possess years of experience teaching, they also have significant experience in course development and examination marking and are up to date with any changes to the school syllabus, exam trends and marking requirements.

At Academic Group, we do not keep reusing the same material at courses. Our course materials are continually updated to reflect any changes in the syllabus and trends in the exams. Our teachers are continually evaluating, researching, updating and extending our course materials so that students attending our programs obtain the best possible instruction and resources that reflect the yearly changes in examination marking and question trends.