Like all credible educational organisations, Academic Group works with students to improve their results and provide support. There are, however, marked differences between the various providers, including variations in teaching approaches and styles, how thoroughly subject content is taught and the quality of the teachers and support materials that are issued to students.

Not all providers use qualified teachers. Not all providers follow the WA school curriculum. Not all providers have small-group class sizes. Not all providers have access to top WA teachers. Academic Group is unique as we offer all this through a wide range of study programs and resources.

Not all organisations involved in the delivery of revision lectures/programs employ qualified, practising teachers to write their course materials and/or present their lecture programs. At Academic Group, you will be taught by current and qualified teachers – many of whom are authors of textbooks, as well as writers and markers of the official examinations.

There is, however, little point in choosing highly decorated teachers if they lack the ability to motivate and empower students, and relay the information and skills required to secure every possible mark in the exams.

Teachers are therefore subjected to stringent enquiries regarding their experience and performance at schools, student feedback, level of enthusiasm, motivation and commitment to students. Teachers are interviewed to ascertain these qualities, as well as their communication skills, and then they are exposed to the most stringent of selection criteria – student feedback. We only retain those teachers who have surpassed the expectations of students attending our programs.

Our quality control processes do not end when a teacher is commissioned for our programs. Every member of our teaching staff is continually subjected to performance assessments and student feedback, so as to maintain our unparalleled reputation for quality, dedication and exceptional student performance.

Not only do the teachers presenting Academic Task Force and Academic Associates courses possess years of experience teaching in the and inspiring students at all levels in schools across the state, they also have significant experience in teaching and examination marking, and are always up to date with the changes in exam trends and marking schemes.  Unlike other program providers, our teachers are continually required to analyse, research, update and extend our program content including written materials so that students attending our programs obtain the best possible instruction and resources that reflect the yearly changes in examination marking and question trends.

Our holiday courses, master classes and exam boost seminars are small groups. Classes run with between 4 – 18 students but our average class size is 10 students. This means students get individual help and constant personalised contact with very experienced ATAR subject specialist teachers who are WACE markers, textbook writers etc.

Tuition Help Sessions are small groups with an average class size of 4 students and a maximum of 7 students so students have ample time one-on-one with the teacher to ask specific questions.

Master Classes (for Year 11 and 12 students) and Weekend Tuition Classes (for Year 7-12) are two of our most popular programs. Both are beneficial to students in helping with their school work, increasing confidence and overcoming challenges at school.

In a Weekend Tuition class, students receive individual help with any questions they may have in their chosen subject. Students bring their questions, homework and assignments from school and our teachers work with them to clarify concepts and address their specific needs. Where required, students will be given additional practice questions to reinforce the learning.

The Master Classes are a teaching class that follow a specific teaching program. These classes are taught by our top subject specialist teachers. Master Classes are for students who would like to maximise their marks and extend their learning.

Master Classes are ideal for students who want top marks, insights on subject concepts and exam help. The classes provide thorough teaching of the syllabus, greater insights into subject concepts and techniques to maximize exam results.

Each week, the teacher will go through a particular topic of the course with clear explanations and useful examples.

We offer a range of different course types to suit the various abilities and needs of students. Master Classes and Exam Boost Seminars for Year 11 and 12 students and Advanced Maths and Intermediate English for Years 8, 9 and 10 are popular with students who have a good grasp of their course content but would like to extend their knowledge and be challenged with higher-level questions. In these courses, high achieving students can benefit from receiving expert advice from WACE markers on how to maximise their exam marks.

For all students, our Holiday Revision Programs provide a time-efficient method for revising subject content and preparing for exams.

Many high flying students come to our courses as they are aiming for top marks and university entrance. The Beazley Medal Winner from 2010 attended our Holiday Revision Courses, Tuition Help classes and Master Classes and the Beazley Medal Winner from 2021 attended our Holiday Revision Courses.

Excellent results are achieved by students who used our services. In 2021, our students were awarded:

  • Beazley Medal
  • 6 General Exhibitions
  • 3 Subject Exhibitions
  • 41 Certificates of Excellence
  • 158 Certificates of Distinction
  • 318 Certificates of Merit

Our courses help students at all levels; the high flyers and the strugglers.  Students report a dramatic boost to their confidence and achievements as a result of attending Academic Group programs. To find out which of our programs is right for you, chat with our Education Mentors by email or calling us on 9314 9500.

We service all areas – please call 9314 9500 or email us for more details or view “Our Programs” on the main menu.

Please see our Our Programs for course costs.

Academic Task Force has a been an educational service provider in Western Australia for over 30 years. We offer a range of affordable programs and study resources designed to support high school students in achieving academic success.

Our team includes qualified teachers – all experts in their respective fields – who are passionate about helping students improve their performance in school and boost their exam scores.

As a common goal, our teachers aim to provide results-driven instruction that fits each student’s ability, needs and academic objectives. Our teachers follow the current curriculum and are up to date in their knowledge.

In 2013, Academic Task Force acquired Academic Associates and now both businesses work together under the Academic Group banner.

Academic Associates, a partner of Academic Task Force, provides premium revision courses and study guides specifically targeted at Year 12 students.

Academic Associates is recommended for students who want an intensive approach to revision and exam preparation. Topics are covered rigorously and expertly. If you want the ultimate revision experience the Academic Associates’ programs are perfect for you!

In 2013, Academic Associates was acquired by Academic Task Force and now both businesses work together under the Academic Group banner.

Each year, Academic Task Force is instrumental in helping hundreds of students obtain ATAR scores in excess of 90, with several of our students obtaining perfect 99.95 scores each year!

Irrespective of the final scores, our students typically find that their confidence levels and academic performance increase significantly after attending our programs. The degree of improvement in academic performance is, of course, dependent upon the amount of time students dedicate to study, their academic ability and their desire to succeed – factors that are all integral in obtaining high ATAR scores. However, Academic Group will ensure that we will teach you the skills to enable this to happen.

We can guarantee that you will be taught by some of the best teachers in the state, provided with a thorough set of study notes, an environment that makes learning interesting and enjoyable and the best possible chance of success!

No matter how dedicated and efficient a school teacher may be, many students need and will benefit from additional revision and extension opportunities, a different perspective, as well as increased exposure to examination skills and techniques.

Unfortunately, many schools neither have the time nor resources available to allocate time to the individual needs of all students. The provision of high quality educational services such as those offered by Academic Task Force and Academic Associates gives students the opportunity to achieve higher examination scores, improving their prospects of securing a position in their preferred tertiary courses.