Exam Preparation


Examinations are a necessary part of education and allow for a fair evaluation of students’ competencies. They also provide an opportunity for your child to demonstrate what they know of the subject. Exams can enhance your child’s learning and prepare them for future life challenges.

Without proper preparation, however, exams can become a source of stress, anxiety and other negative reactions, which could obstruct the learning process.

Academic Group can support your child in their efforts to secure excellent exam marks by offering a variety of services designed to reinforce their knowledge, give them confidence and prepare them for different exam settings. We will work side by side with your child to ensure that they achieve the exam results they want and deserve.

How Academic Group Can help You

Exam Boost Seminars

Our Exam Boost Seminars for year 11 and 12 students have been designed to provide your child with the necessary skills and information to equip them to perform to the highest possible standard in the ATAR exams. Your child will receive expert advice and instruction from experienced teachers and ATAR exam markers and learn what is required to obtain higher ATAR scores.

Each subject seminar offers detailed and comprehensive coverage of examinable materials as well as examination strategies and ATAR marking schemes.

To further maximise examination marks, teachers will detail the various tricks and traps that appear in examinations; highlight the common errors made by students; and clarify vital misconceptions that can result in the loss of valuable marks in the exams.

Exam tips for your child

  • Know your child’s entire exam schedule
  • Make a checklist of daily requirements, based on each day’s exam
  • Help them to maintain a balanced daily routine
  • Don’t overhype the importance of any examination
  • A good night’s sleep always improves examination performance
  • You are what you eat
  • Ensure your child is present for each exam
  • Make sure your child maintains some social and leisure activities

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