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ATAR Enrichment Courses

Academic Associates offers premium ATAR enrichment courses exclusively for Year 12 students looking to maximise their ATAR exam marks. Students receive an academic extension in their ATAR courses with advanced content insight and practice in higher-level exam questions.

ATAR Enrichment courses are conducted during school term holidays at the University of Western Australia (UWA) campus giving students the experience and motivation to excel through attending classes in a university environment.

Academic Associates’ teachers are top ATAR subject specialists with proven track records and results in boosting students’ marks. Students will learn in a small, interactive class and receive personal help to maximise their marks and an exclusive workbook to help polish their exam performance.

Expert Teachers.  Expert Resources.  Interactive Classes.  Top Results.

Specialising in Year 12 ATAR courses, Academic Associates offer Year 12 students the opportunity to increase the mastery of their subjects helping them to attain excellent ATAR results and preparation for University.

Teachers encourage students to ask questions and challenge their knowledge on topics.

Academic Associates’ programs are recommended for students who would benefit from higher level revision and focus on achieving how to achieve the extra 1 per-centers.

If you want the ultimate ATAR enrichment experience the Academic Associates’ programs are perfect for you!

5 Reasons to Enrol in an Academic Associates’ ATAR Enrichment Program

  • 1. Receive academic extension in your ATAR courses
  • 2. Be taught by top ATAR subject specialists with proven results in boosting students' marks
  • 3. Learn in a small, interactive class and receive personal help to maximise your marks
  • 4. Receive an exclusive course workbook to help polish your exam performance
  • 5. Study in a University setting and experience campus life

Course Fee :

  • Enrolment is by subject.
  • $300 (Per 10 hour course)

Academic Associates Courses

Courses are open to Year 12 ATAR students studying Units 3 and 4.

Excel in your ATAR course exams with the help of Academic Associates Programs! ATAR enrichment programs will give you the extra edge in your studies.