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Academic Task Force provides a very popular Essay Writing program, suitable for all subjects. This program is similar to the material we use at Academic Task Force WACE Revision Courses during the school holidays.


Session 1: Interpreting the question

Understanding key and instructional words

Session 2: Planning your essay

Organising and structuring your material

Session 3: Writing good paragraphs

Practice session

Session 4: Sample essays

Applying the model to different subjects

Session 5: Editing and proof-reading

Session 6: Writing assignment essays

Writing essays in exams

The program is a 6-hour course incorporating practical work and sample essays. A simple, easy to remember essay structure is taught to students that can be adapted for use across all of their courses.

The proposed sessions above can be changed or modified according to the particular learning needs of your students.

Material can also be presented in a full one day block or over a number of sessions and can be programmed to run on the weekend, during school hours or during a PD day.

We recommend groups of 12-15 to encourage individual work with students and taught in one day in the case of country schools.

Most schools that run the program ask students to pay a fee either at cost or partly subsidised.

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