Why Choose Us

5 Reasons Why Families Choose Academic Group

We understand that finding the right education support is important to you. Here are the 5 key reasons why you should choose Academic Group to provide you with the support you are looking for!

Greatest Range of Services

Our programs are designed to help students succeed in their academic pursuits. Because each student has different needs, we provide a combination of programs aimed at meeting each of our students’ diverse requirements.

Our competitive advantage is that we target students’ needs through a focus on the WA curriculum. We don’t use generic resources. Our study guides and revision programs follow the current WA syllabus and examination requirements.

From Holiday Revision Programs, Weekend Tuition Classes, Master Classes or Exam Boost Seminars to our wide range of study guides, students can choose programs and study resources that fit their needs.

As we offer a wide variety of programs, we have the flexibility to tailor programs to meet the different needs and expectations of students.

Proven Results

Students who have attended Academic Group courses or used our study resources report an increase in marks. We have an impressive record of students’ success and have helped students achieve up to 30% grade improvements. Our courses have boosted students’ ATAR to enable them to enrol in their preferred University course.

98% of our students say they feel more prepared for their exams after attending one our Holiday Revision programs or Exam Boost seminars. Each year, students who use our services are awarded Certificates of Distinction and Certificates of Excellence. Our alumni of students include two Beazley Medalists. Click on the button below to view the results and testimonials of students who have used Academic Group.

Quality Teachers

Having excellent, competent and knowledgeable teachers is important. At Academic Group we make sure that our students have access to the best teaching they can possibly have by only using highly-qualified, experienced teachers.

Our teachers are the best. They are subject experts, with proven experience in boosting students’ performance; they include textbook writers, exam markers, exam writers and Heads of Learning Areas. Students find it easy to engage with our teachers as they are friendly, caring, good communicators and passionate about teaching.

Reputation for Excellence

Academic Task Force and Academic Associates are well known for their reliability, dedication, quality and professionalism. Schools and families know us as the exam preparation experts; they value our expertise, the quality of our services and the support and guidance we offer. As a result, we have developed on-going partnerships with many schools in both the metropolitan and country areas and families who continue to use us for all their children going through high school.

Wide Range of Study Resources

Our range of over 60 publications were written in response to teachers’ and students’ requests for resources. We continue to write new study resources to meet our students’ need for support in different subjects. Written by local teachers who know the West Australian curriculum and exam requirements, our study guides are an excellent revision resource.

Highly-rated and recommended by teachers and students, our Study Guides, Revision Series and Creelman Exam Questions provide comprehensive study content, clear examples, exam level practice questions and worked solutions.