Megan Bagworth

Education Manager

Megan Bagworth is Education Manager of Acaemic Group. As part of this role, Megan has helped grow and develop the business to provide education programs for high school students. She works with schools, teachers, parents and students to ensure the programs offered by Academic Group fit the needs of students and schools in Western Australia and provide the optimal support to students aspiring for University.

Megan works with the Academic Group staff to offer the best possible service and support to families, students and schools in Western Australia. She regularly meets with teachers in schools to discuss how together we can help their students and is consistently focused on developing new programs and innovative ways of helping students access top quality education.

She enjoys being part of the family business, where she gets to work alongside her mother, Dr. Bagworth and learn from her as her mentor.

Megan enjoys sports and has competed in National Championships in cycling, rowing and surf boats, as well as International Championships in rowing. In 2016 and 2017 Megan participated in a 500km bike ride in Thailand in support of the charity Hands Across the Water that provides shelter, food and education to children in Thailand without families.