Jeff Green

Teacher Coordinator

As the Teacher Coordinator for Academic Group, Jeff is responsible for appointing and selecting our teachers for all our programs. Interacting with teachers on a regular basis, Jeff ensures they are well supported, enabling them to deliver excellent teaching for our Education Programs. Jeff is responsible for the recruitment of new teachers and growing our network of experienced, competent and enthusiastic teachers.

Jeff has excellent communication and organisational skills and is very well respected by all our teachers.

His background in Education has been as a classroom teacher, in administration and in specialist positions before joining the corporate world.  He holds a Degree in Education and a TAE in Adult Training, which he used as Director of an RTO developing IT courses.

Jeff has always had a passion for good teaching and for effective education. He considers teachers as a very important part of the fabric of a good community and is looking to support them by carrying out this role with compassion and insight.  Our customers, the students and parents, would expect nothing less as we aim to place the best teacher in each session that we deliver.

In his time away from work, he loves spending time with his wife and family, especially his grandchildren. He also loves fixing and building ‘anything’ and sport, particularly motor sport.  The creative juices really get going discussing innovative technical projects of all sorts, from image interrogation to hybrid renewable energy systems, so be careful if you want a short conversation!