Photo Consent

Participate in our Video Project

Academic Group is proud to announce our nomination for the FBA Family Business Legacy National Award! This award recognises outstanding family-owned businesses that contribute significantly to their communities.

To highlight the values that make Academic Group unique, we’re creating a short video for our award submission. This video will showcase students and families engaged in learning activities that reflect our core values, including academic excellence, creativity, collaboration, and lifelong learning.

Participation Details:

  • Your child’s participation will be recorded through video and potentially still photos

The completed video will be used for:

  • Submission to the FBA Family Business Legacy Award
  • Promotion on Academic Group’s website and social media

Benefits of Participation:

  • Contribute to Academic Group’s nomination for the FBA Family Business Legacy Award.
  • Showcase the positive learning environment at Academic Group.
  • Create a lasting memory for you and your child by being featured in the video.

Next Steps:

  • Please complete the below form.


Megan Bagworth


Academic Group